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best ever put downs.

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A particularly overweight lady was giving the Celtic fans some stick from the Govan Stand at Ibrox a few years back when some guy near me shouted

"Sit down ya fat fucking mess, you've got a fanny like a Hippo's yawn"


Was this the same game you caught the mobile and phoned the guys wife to say he'd been caught with a rent boy?

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One of the smartest ones I heard was when I was on a bus and some old guy ended up in a heated debated with the driver over a fare or some shite , this went on over three or four bus stops , before the driver eventually ordered the guy of the bus , the old guy agreed before turning round and saying " mind and send me an invite when yer maw and da get married " , the driver gave a confused "whit" in response , before the auld yin replied "well yer clearly a b*****d" before swaggering off , leaving a seething bus driver and bus full of chuckling passengers at his expense

^^^^Jimmy Bell.


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