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Massive explosion in China

Jambo Stu

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Don't try and deny it - that large blob outside The Mermaid chippy on Leith Walk on the satellite images is you isn't it.

No, that's ridiculous. I was having Italian the day that was taken and the deep fried pizza in the mermaid is rank. Might be my dad though, is there a sweet delivery van nearby?

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Incredible that it has only killed 56. Looks like that kind of blast would kill thousands.

Look up the 'Halifax Explosion' which killed an estimated 2000.

A lesson on how you shouldn't put all your explosives onto a ship which might hit another one in a busy city centre harbour.


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My wife and our 2 children are in Tianjin just now. They are all ok as the explosions occurred well away from the main city. I am worried now though about the pollution in the air, which can be quite bad anyway due to the industries around Tianjin.

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