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Michelle Mone (again)


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5 hours ago, welshbairn said:

She's an unbelievably talented woman, Trumpian even.


Seeing that she's on a roll she should start on her spelling next.

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Then I'll follow my own advice.
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8 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

Doubt it. You don't put your own money into ponzi schemes.

Seems a bit desperate. Who the f**k would invest in her knowledge of blockchain and her own personal cryptocurrency (with her new boyfriend) because her ex hired someone to design a bra a few years ago?

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2 hours ago, Baxter Parp said:

Ultimo firm set up by Michelle Mone to cease UK trading


Her business genius is almost Trumpian.

Why didn’t you post “her business has gone tits up”?



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3 minutes ago, trainspotter said:

A heartwarming story for these troubled times as local lass done good has found herself a husband.

So, Baroness, what first attracted you to billionaire Doug Barrowman?

How do you become a millionaire? Marry Michelle Mone when you're a billionaire.

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Not the best time to loose a reported £50k but when the police are still investigating you in relation to £200m worth of fraud maybe it's best to only have once case at a time. 

Suprised there hasn't been more made of the fraud case.

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5 minutes ago, MuckleMoo said:

The corruption relating to sourcing of PPE that occurred during the pandemic has been largely ignored by the authorities and the MSM.

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