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Michelle Mone (again)


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A vague friend of a friend who happens to be a Lord phoned my mother yesterday about the closer friend being ill. He said he was spending a fair amount of time in London these days. No fucking wonder, £300 a day plus accommodation and expenses presumably? Nice top up for the pension.

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Tbf to her, though she is a vile cretin and shouldn't be conducting herself like this, the statement is incorrect.  Though she has been absent for over 60% of votes she has voted 78 times.  What he probably meant was she has only spoken twice, probably largely because she was heavily mocked for how stupid she sounds and how vapid and empty her comments were.

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6 minutes ago, Mark Connolly said:

Good to see the Baroness getting behind another small startup - this time run by her billionaire boyfriend.


She's an unbelievably talented woman, Trumpian even.


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