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The Dundee United Derby, Tues 11 Aug 2015

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Jeez, that united team looks really young and will surely develop as the season unfolds. Another game of missed chances but hard to be too disappointed tbh. I think we're closer to United this season, which is pleasing (still too early to really tell).

I had a poor view for the United goals but I'm guessing we need to tighten up at the back. Konrad had a few cracking tackles tbf and Holt looks like a great acquisition imo.

Absolute scenes at the end. Men, women and children all ecstatic. I even got a high-5 fae Gowser :wub:

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Should get a few quid for him. Bain as well probably. You've done well with those two.

Probably £1million for both. Would be happy with that. Think we will have Bain longer than we have Stewart though; he'll go far.

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I've just finished watching the game since recording - interested to see how Greg and Kane are doing.

Excellent game and some decent quality on show. Stewart doesn't surprise me in the slightest - technically the best player I've seen with Cowden. Would have moved on sooner had he not been made of chocolate. Seems to have got over injury troubles though. Outstanding goal and was very good throughout.

Hemmings seemed a bit off the pace but with the right service, he'll do well.

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