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The Terrible Journalism & Tom English Thread

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40 minutes ago, Sarto Mutiny said:
11 hours ago, Hedgecutter said:
Apparently you can retain "unbeaten" status in the Scottish Premiership even if you get horsed 4-0 by Celtic.

Does this still apply if you lose 9-0 to Celtic? Asking for a friend

It would do, but sadly you've been getting horsed by everyone else as well.

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From BBC's (i know) Livi - County match report:


Jordy Hiwula latched onto a poor clearance and raced through one-on-one with Sheldon George. His shot thundered back off the crossbar, but Owura was on hand to head home the rebound."


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3 minutes ago, Arch Stanton said:

From The Record guide to today's draw. Monkeys, typewriters etc.



Blimey!  I have no idea what that last sentence is meant to be trying to say.  Was the journalist writing that in the queue at a kebab shop at 1am?

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On 08/10/2022 at 23:34, Cptn Hooch said:

From BBC's (i know) Livi - County match report:



On 09/10/2022 at 14:55, Moomintroll said:

Clearly watching a The Big Bang Theory spin off when he was supposed to be working.

Could've doubled down on his feck up and called him Sheldon Jacobs, at least he used to be a Livi player.1_JS178352206.jpg

Pictured (left to right,. back row) are triplets Sheldon, Kyle and Devon. Older brother Keaghan is in front


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2 hours ago, Charles Stiles said:


It was obviously all too much for English's brain to handle.

I particularly liked this bit.

"The reality of life in the Champions League has been hard on Rangers, existing as they are in the group of certain death for a club of their lightweight financial muscle."

Aww, bless.

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7 hours ago, RawB93 said:

Maybe by Rangers' growl he just means Kevin Thomson's new voice.

Sounded like he’d also taken lessons from Alex Ferguson on articulation. f**k knows how anyone outside Scotland could understand him, I struggled with half of it. 

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