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The Terrible Journalism & Tom English Thread

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28 minutes ago, Archie McSquackle said:

I didn't even recognise him there, he's not looking well at all? Has he been ill and now recovering as I heard someone say Genesis are touring soon?

Got various illnesses, including diabetes. Says he can't hold a stick in one hand. In the final tour his laddie is doing the drumming.

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4 hours ago, TheScarf said:

Quite how the BBC Gossip column is still a thing is beyond me.  Presumably its still there for folk who don't have Twitter?

I think it is still a thing to help a BBC staff member justify claiming newspapers on expenses and allows them free sudoku and crosswords. 

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Haven’t seen it mentioned on here before but I had the misfortune of catching a few minutes of the ‘Go Radio’ football show the other night as I flicked through my stations. The only two voices I recognised were Barry Ferguson and Rob McLean, truly a meeting of two minds. It made super scoreboard sound like Steven Hawking explaining string theory. 

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