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Kilwinning Rangers 2015/16


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oh look,a unicorn

If you go early to the previously mentioned establishment for pre-match drinks you will almost definitely see a white unicorn with a man on its back and dressed in late 17th century clothes, and with sword in hand.

I'm 2 miles from Abbey Park and all the overnight frost has melted in the bright , warm sunshine, as Spring has come early to Kilwinkie.

No one has yet posted that the game is off so I hope it's safe to presume its GAME ON. Cheers

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Helpful message to Linlithgow travellers by car or minibus. You won't get parked anywhere close to Abbey Park if you are within Half an Hour of kick-off.

Best to approach the ground from the by-pass , (if you've come from Kilmarnock / Irvine direction just proceed to the Roundabout where you can see Morrison's supermarket and do a U-Turn back down the by-pass for a mile and turn up the short slip road into and up Almswall Road towards the town centre.) After passing Pensioners Houses on your right and a grassed area on your left ( known as the Blacklands) you will find Ladyford Avenue on your right and it leads to both entrances to Abbey Park, however, you won't find a parking space, so best to park in the Blacklands and walk the 5 minute trip to the ground. Just leave your keys in the car and the locals will move it for you if it's causing an obstruction, or if it needs some parts adjusted or removed. This is not an official message, cheers

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