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The Greenock Morton Thread - It's Better Than Yours

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What's happened to the Morton forum?

No posts for three days is very strange.

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ūüė≥ I'm posting this almost 12 hours after your post, and even now it's not quite two and a half days. Elementary 'rithmetic, my dear Watson - one would almost think you had some ulterior motive for making it look as bad as possible.......¬†

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Saw this on the East Fife thread

A best ever Morton XI you've seen with each player of a different nationality (no Scots allowed). I've went for a very narrow 4-3-3

1 Cervi (USA)
2 Pepper (Ireland)
3 Iredale (Australia)
4 Fenwick (Canada)
5 Peciar (Slovakia)
6 Bachirou (Comoros)
7 Jacobs (South Africa)
8 Lindberg (Finland)
9 Wittiveen (Austria)
10 Wake (England)
11 Earnshaw (Wales)

12 Cham (Gambia)
13 Boe (Cameroon)
14 Milojevic (Serbia)
15 Morrow (Northern Ireland)
16 Kerr (Malta)
17 Novo (Spain)
18 van Scheik (Netherlands)

As you can see from the subs bench there are some slim pickings available. Starting XI aint bad tho

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