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St.Mirren 2015/2016 thread

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It is weird as Conlan signed only a 1 year contract last season for Burnley - various sources including http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2749669/Luke-Conlan-rejoins-Burnley-one-year-contract-overcoming-knee-problem.html

I cannot find anywhere that he signed an extension for Burnley but maybe they are impressed enough to retain his registration and subsidise his wages on the chance he turns out good for us?

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Doesn't really make a difference to us if it's a one year contract or a one year loan really. Regardless, if he's any good he will leave for nothing at the end of the season.

This Howieson kid definitely had a bit of pedigree a few years back but seems to have lost his way pretty quickly. Wasn't that impressed with him in the Bradford game to be honest.

Oh well he's still young and Murray's obviously seen something in him. Welcome aboard and good luck etc.

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Oh dear. I know they want the money and to settle out of tribunal but there's absolutely nothing we can do to stop him signing for any side. I'd rather we let him go for nothing now and took it to a tribunal on which we'd likely be found in favour, than accept £100k

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Fee being rumoured is 100k

No surprise, but that is derisory. We are due around £270K. Though few of us expect anything like that sum, we should be looking at £170K at least.

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Would be very happy if we signed McGinn. For me he's been your best player for the last 2 seasons.

You can't have seen much of him last season then.

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