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Dundee United 2015/16 Season

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Need to start looking at the positives IMO. 


No games against Rangers

No long away days to Inverness and Dingwall


Err... that's it I think


Swapping trips to the Highlands for away days on the Fife Riviera, sounds good to me.

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For anyone who stayed right until the end today you would have seen the United squad acknowledge the fans at the end and apologise for what has unfolded this season. By squad however I mean Dillon, Paton and Rankin; the only players that I actually feel sorry for and the only players that made an effort to effectively say sorry to the fans after the final whistle. The rest of the shitebags and the manager made their way back to the tunnel as soon as they could but you had Paton, Rankin and Dillon standing in the centre circle probably saying to each other "what the f**k has actually happened to this club in the last couple of years?" Now Paton, Dillon and Rankin are all very, very average footballers but they are probably the only three in the squad who can at least be relied upon at the moment. The rest are either just awful or one of Mixu's uber-shite signings.


Who to blame? Thompson for me gets the blame, not for selling players which seems to be the main theme in the anti-Thompson anger at the moment. Thompson gets the blame from me for just not having a plan. I think we have been slowly degrading as a club since Levein left. I've made this point before and I stick to it. With Levein we had a manager and a structure with come kind of plan. After he left it all started slowly ebbing away with managers living off of the work put in by Levein, Cathro et al. We had a bit of joy with McNamara who managed to unearth a couple of gems but really he was a shite manager, just like Mixu is a shite manager. Thompson and the board get the blame from me for employing managers who are terrible and for not actually investing properly in the youth system we are always so wrongly praised for having (our youth system is absolutely awful). 


If Thompson is really serious about sticking around he is going to have to do something major in the summer to get fans back onside. A new manager, some kind of Director of Football who can be trusted, proper re-investment in the youth system, real discounts for tickets and season tickets (the relaunch of the season ticket this early has been a disaster), proper dialogue with the fans and some fresh ideas at board level.


Relegation, if managed properly, can be a chance for a fresh start, as much as it is an absolute disaster for a club. If we don't attack relegation properly though, we will end up in serious shit. We have no divine right to be in Scotland's top flight and clubs of a similar size to our own have become a total shambles after relegation. Which way are we going? 

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Expect Agent Durnan to destroy United from within.


Agent Durnan, your task is almost completed.


Good job soldier.

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