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P&B Fantasy IDP Dynasty League


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I sold high on Gurley and it proved to be the worst decision I've ever made in my life.

Picked up Garropolo in last year's draft thinking he'd get a move away from NE and can see him replacing Matt Ryan as my starting QB when the Nines start surrounding him with real talent.

Picked up injured Dalvin Cook to try and save some face after the Gurley disaster and I see him being a monster next year although risky attached with that knee.

Happy with my D and have two first round picks to play with in April so looking forward to 2018 with OBJ back from IR.
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Sorry for the delay guys.

Can I please get an indication that everyone wants to participate this year still or if we need to find new owners or reduce the size of the league.

As soon as I have confirmation I will start the rookie draft.

I have extended the roster size from 35 to 45 to allow for the draft then a week of free agency (if we have time) Normal waiver rules will apply after this. All rosters must be cut back to 35 by Wednesday 4th September 2019 at midnight. If this has not been done the lowest ranking players according to Fleaflicker will be removed.

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Okay, we've got 8 of 14 confirmed.

@Fife Saint has posted here in the last day so he's good.

@same_ol_g35 just joined the league in May, so I'd image they are fine.

@Mr. Brightside and @Paul Marnie should be ok.

That leaves Pockets 2781 & eg_wanna_be. I have no idea what their P&B names are or if they are even from this forum. Anyone have any idea?

I noticed earlier that @Silvio & @Fife Saint both offered to take on Commish duties. If you guys are still interested I can make you both co-Commish after the draft is done? I'm really hopeless at this shit.

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