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Biggest clubs (Stirling and Clyde)

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Dunno if this table adds fuel to anyones fire


To me it looks like Clyde followed by Queens Park if 'big' = success.

10 Scottish Cup wins for Queen's Park. All you need to know.

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Stirling Albion still scrambling around for relevance. Clyde are the biggest club in the Division with Arbroath a distant second.

Clyde have the history

But we have a better ground these days that's ours and we get bigger crowds every season

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My order after Clyde would be Stirling - East Fife - and thats it. Both have had sustained periods fluctuating between tiers 2 & 3 in my lifetime, Arbroath are more of a tiers 3 - 4 mob. If i was given a job restructuring the leagues though, id have Clyde in tier 2 of 3x14, with none of the league2 diddies joining them at all. I'd throw Peterhead, Stenhousemuir, Forfar, Albion Rovers and Cowdenbeath in among them. Our place is competing with Alloa, Airdrie, Ayr, Stranraer, Brechin and Dumbarton as the country's best part time team.

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