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Brechin City 2015/16 Season

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It surely can't be Booth. The guy was hugely unpopular at Stenny and his record on the park wasn't particularly good either! It's a little worrying that he's made the shortlist however. The standard of applicants can't be as impressive as what has been reported, either that or the committee see something in Booth that nobody else can!!

Dods is obviously untested in management, but may well just have all the raw materials required to be a good manager.

Any word of who the other applicants being interviewed are???

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Happy with that appointment. A leader as a player so hopefully that stands him in good stead for his first job in management. Glad we've made an appointment quickly so he can start building for the season ahead. Plenty of work to be done in the next few weeks, all the best to him.

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Good to see someone has been appointed, sooner rather than later. All the best Dods

Aye fair play to the committee. Another ambitious appointment. Lots to prove . Lets hope he gets some decent players in to bolster the quality guys we have already signed.

Good luck Darren.

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Bit risky but good appointment I think

Dods knows this level, captain and leader on the park, experienced and will have plenty of contacts in the game from his playing career

Least you never got Moore! ;)

What appointment in League 1 and 2 isn't 'a bit risky'? Edited by Muzza81
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I dont think anyone at Forfar will be "raging" with Darren leaving, he is 40 and has been applying for lots of manager's positions so it was always going to happen. Been a good, solid player for us, will be interesting to see if he thinks his legs can take another year.

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