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Stenhousemuir FC - The Warriors - The 2022/23 Thread

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I bought 4 tickets for the aberdeen game next sat, I’m not sure I want to go now, what’s happening to us, 11 goals against us last 3 games, I’m not sure how everything works at a club like Stenhousemuir financially  but surly with us beating falkirk last round and getting the dons this round there has to be a bit of funds available to bring 2 or 3 players in? And not just young boys 

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Fair play to him. I think it must be very difficult to be both a player and a manager so it's good to see he's concentrating full time as manager.

He's been a brilliant player for Stenhousemuir and one my all-time favourites. Best of luck to him for the remainder of the season, he'll certainly need it.

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You can't really have a season too early though in part time football. You grasp what you can at the time and worry later.

Not many clubs down here plan for the next season during the current one in terms of building a team. So many players come and go on one year deals being a season too early just isn't a thing to be honest.

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5 hours ago, Gordon EF said:

Do Stenny fans think promotion maybe came a season too early? 54 is the lowest points total to get promoted from L2 since Arbroath in 2008.

No. Everyone at the club, from the board to the players and the management to the supporters expected, expected the club to challenge for promotion and we achieved that. We had to turn virtually the entire squad over for a second successive season and it hasn't been success and this year's side is arguably weaker than last year's.

We're still in with a shout of pulling ourselves away from the bottom of the table, we're definitely still in the hunt, but we really need to sort out our back four because it's killing us.

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