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Ayr United, what now 2015-16

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That's another very good signing.

Wtf is going on down Ayr way.. :lol:

The Camerons have had a long involvement at the club but no experience at running one and have hired inexperienced managers who would have been keen to make an impact, so apart from the bulk of the Reid era we have been a complete shambles.

McCall is probably the most experienced "fitba" guy we have had at the club for a while and I think he is getting more out of Cameron than previous managers, He seems to be a lot more professional and also the club as a whole.

For the first time in ages it appears we have a plan, it may all count for fcuk all in the long run but its a start

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One of the biggest mistakes Marko made was moving training to Ayr - immediately limited the number of part time players willing to sign for us. Money and travel time must be an issue when you're on a modest wage.

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Devlin - CB - CB - Boyle

Crawford - Gilmour - Donald


Forrest - ST

Would be surprised if gilmour played in centre mid, especially after McCall saying when he resigned for next season that he wouldn't be playing the same role as last season, but instead would be further forward.

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Guest honestrae95


Now, just to illustrate how I think we'll line up this season, I've used Frank McKeown (linked to us from Stranraer) and Alan Martin (linked to us after leaving Clyde). I've also used McKenna and Preston, as I think we'll get them back. I'm not convinced Neill will sign, but again, illustration purposes. I can imagine it'll be quite a narrow, midfield 5 with Devlin and Boyle giving us the width.

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