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I've been trying to find updates on some of our squad players (with little success);

Tom Rogic - I understand he signed on a 4 year deal in January 2013 and although he had a loan spell back in Australia (and has struggled with injuries) I can't find any current details regarding his situation?

Aleksander Tonev - was Ronni's 3rd signing...joining Celtic to play regular first team football. I know he was given a 7 match ban despite us challenging both the decision to ban (and the length) but again can't find any recent mention of him?

Derk Boerrigter - appears to have made only one sub appearance (of 32 mins) this season? Still showing on our official website but again can't find any mention of him in a long time.

Finally any word on the return of Mikel Lustig? At one point he appeared to have an outside chance of making the Inter matches in the Europa League but that was a month ago.

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Lustig is out for the rest of the season, it was reported last week. Infuriating, since he's possibly our best player when he's fit, but we're lucky if we get ten games a season out of him. I'd punt him, must be on a fair wage. As for Tonev and Boerrigter, imposters the pair of them. Be delighted if I never set eyes on either of them again. Rogic looked like he could be a player, but never saw enough of him. No idea what his current situation is.

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Rogic and Derk- Both have been injured for the majority of the season.

I can remember Ronny in January that Derk had trained for the first time in months.

I also think Rogic has only started training again this year after being injured for the world cup.

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Boerrigter and Tonev have contributed hee haw other than get injured a lot, be shite when they have played and in Tonev's case ruin his career by making a racist remark, albeit convicted on rather flimsy evidence.

Rogic played a handful of games, looked average at best then got injured for ages.

All three can f**k off from the payroll anytime thank you very much.

Lustig is our best full back but five or six games in the side then three or four months out injured is not much return on a rumoured hefty wage

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