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The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

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23 hours ago, C4mmy31 said:

Cosgrove inbound according to several Birmingham fan posts on social media....  meh springs to mind for me.

Classic Derek.

13 hours ago, craigkillie said:

English clubs and their fans are weird. He's scored loads of goals in our league before, and is a big arsehole target man who will clearly be an upgrade on Cameron, so I'm all in on this.

He's not much of a target man but can certainly finish if he gets the service.

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1 hour ago, Killiefan said:

Having watched some of your games this season it could have been worse.


I just found an action picture of Doidge, captures his recent running and heading capabilities........😉


In all honesty, I love big Doidge, but he has never been the same since his injury - mobility was never the best, and its regressed.

I do hope for his sake that McInnes can get a tune out of him.

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2 hours ago, Smokerson said:

Wonder if this mean Cameron will be allowed out on loan again, it seems he's been getting on for 10 minutes here and there, also how was Dylan Tait last season during his loan?

Let’s hope Cameron goes on loan again. His running style reminds me of Douglas Bader, but without the pace!

Tait is talented player. Plays with his head up, good touch and can see a pass. On the negative side he wanted too much time on the ball and was often dispossessed. Perhaps a bit slow for SPFL. 

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15 hours ago, Sortmeout said:

I haven’t watched the video with the sound on but based on what I saw did the boy who asked for a picture say “up the Ra?”

He said "Up the Celts".

Lafferty has been withdrawn from the NI Squad.

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