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The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

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26 minutes ago, Passionate said:

Do killie have any female physios,      if so I am sure that Jack Ross would be interested in the job in hand.......😉😉😉😉

What's in his hand?😲😲

Never great when someone gets sacked but that's the present day nature of football. However, it has to be said that the board of directors are deluded if they thought that they'd bounce straight back up. It doesn't happen very often in the Championship and it really must be sticking in the craw seeing Arbroath at the top at halfway. Would be the price of them if the leagues were called now!😊

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1 hour ago, The Firhill Frozen Pie said:

ooft delusions of grandeur in the killie boardroom, they must have thought killie would stroll the league. Welcome to the championship the hardest league in Scotland! Can see them down here for a while now unless they have someone decent lined up.

I know what you are getting in but the Premiership is the hardest league in Scotland. Championship might be the most competitive.

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1 minute ago, flood said:

Fowler was Ross’s assistant at Sunderland.

He would now be his boss, not sure it would sit right with Ross…

Fowler seems to take zero responsibility for our results so I’m sure Ross (if that is who comes in) will realise he has a token role  at the club and just nod and say “Ok James” without actually listening to anything he says.

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