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The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

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Great idea, but they are all similarly boufin.  Don't like red or orange, not Killie colours IMO (I know it's because of the sponsor) with unsavoury associations with certain other teams.  Much rather see a classic bogging yellow strip or a stone cold retro classic like this one.

Killie third stip at mays.jpg

I've one of those hidden up the back of the water tank cupboard. Maybe one day It'll come back into fashion.

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Did you guys rate Chris Johnstone? I really can't make my mind up about him. He seems really light weight and so predictable.

He had real promise when he first came through but simply failed to live up to his potential.
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He had huge promise as a teenager and under better managers/coaches I firmly believe he could have gone on to much better things.

As said earlier, surprised Locke signed him as he was one of the worst offenders as he genuinely hadn't a clue how / where to play him.

That said, I'm surprised Chris agreed to follow him in the first place as he could still do a good job in that division.

Sad really, another potential talent bites the dust.

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On 02/02/2017 at 13:29, Fide said:

I've never seen a guy who says he's "delighted" and "over the moon" look less delighted or over the moon.


His main attributes are running, running in behind, making defenders run towards their own goal, running with the ball and finally........... shooting.


Please God, not another runner with no shooting abilities.

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This legit?

stephen.mcgowan @mcgowan_stephen

Kilmarnock have agreed to the early termination of manager Lee Clark's contract to allow him to join Bury. Full story on @MailSport soon.

The glorious return of Gary Locke?

Edited by Patrick Bateman
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It was always fairly likely that he wasn't going to hang around long, but on the whole he did a better job than I expected.  He made Locke's shambolic mess of a squad a bit more solid last year and kept us up in the play-offs, and has left us sitting in the top six, albeit very precariously.

You would expect McCulloch to get the job until the end of the season now to ensure a bit of continuity.  He seemed to do a decent job as caretaker last time around, so hopefully that continues.  No need to rush things for the sake of it.

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