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Play off dates

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Good, they are suitable for Ayr Utd and my holidays, fly out the day after the final.

Dunno about you but I'd rather we started away from home on the Wednesday for the Saturday decider at Somerset. Need to really get our finger out and start climbing.

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Why do they make the final a 2 legged affair? Surely a 1 leg final in a neutral venue halfway between the teams would be more exciting?

In a word - MONEY.

A two-leg, home and away playoff can be expected to pull in a higher aggregate attendance than a one-off game between, say, Morton and Brechin played at somewhere like Falkirk or Livingston. Maybe not MUCH higher, but higher.

But, why have the playoffs at all? Yes, the system provides a bit more interest at the sharp end of the season for one or two teams that are out of contention for the first two places, but to my mind the old "two up, two down" system is a fairer way to do things; the reward for success or the penalty for failure is based on a team's performances against their peer group over the full season.

If you finish second, third or fourth in a cup competition you don't get another go to see if you can do better. Shouldn't happen in a league situation either, and I say that knowing that without the playoffs my team might not have that second bite at promotion this season.

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The SPFL take half the gate from the teams in the playoffs which is a joke. Think how much they could make off a Hibs v Rangers tie. Bit of a joke. Playing in a playoff may cost the clubs money!!!

Only the championship play-offs

And no clubs won't lose money from playing in the play-offs that's a ridiculous suggestion, 50% of (generally) a very decent crowd is good money.

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