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Newton no show?

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Enjoyed the personal abuse in the pub last night over a game of football. Amazing that some people will try and swing for you just for laughing at their idiocy when trying to incite you.

As for the game. Wigtown deserved winners in the end, albeit I think the referee showed leniency on the Wigtown number 4 for not sending him off and a better positioned linesman would've saw the 40 yard free kick from Newton number 8 was over the line.

Good luck in the next round.

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Not sure what game you were at regarding the mids v saints game.

Saints handed all three goals with an offside goal and a very dubious penalty given for handball with the ball flicked up against a mids players hand standing a yard away,and a miss kick by mids keeper for other goal.

Mids should of had the game out of sight in 1st half with chances they had and also had a few 2nd half but ball wouldn't break. Also some of the saints players behaviour was diabolical as two of their own players were nearly exchanging punches.

In all mids did ok but a poor refs performance and lack of killer instinct cost them this game which was an even game by all accounts in the end.

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How is it that super wigtown only beat shitty newton 2-0? The only two shots that they had on target the whole game and one was actually a cross ?? Also Newton hit the bar and the post . Not a great performance from newton atal but not as bad as the wigtown keyboard warriors are making out .

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