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Selkirk pumped


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He is still at it at 12.30 on match day!

"Play under a fake name".

Utter joke.

Almost a good result for the fakes!!

Edited as I didn't realise Tony Wallace scored in ninety minutes.

Edited by Cicero
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being a lover of football and having no commitments to any club i'd love to see people/supporters/rivals within the league/players etc.....all get behind, not only their own team, but also the other teams within the league. the job of running a team at this level can't be easy. so stick in stevie.

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Strong borders rumours its back to EOS next season for them

Them being steve forrest or selkirk? No chance the 1st licenced club in borders would give up LL to join a mickey mouse run EOS league that refused them entry last season for a reserve team.

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