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Ian McCall Ayr United Manager

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That tactic got us to within 7 mins of a penalty shoot out in the semi of the league cup under Reid to be fair.

As for McCall, I'm very happy with this appointment, more so than any other appointment in the last few years anyway. As folk have said, all that matters this season is that we stay up, and take it from there.

Unlikely as it looks at the moment, it would be ideal if Morton and Dunfermline could both go up this season as well, meaning 2 of the 'big' clubs were out of the picture when it comes to looking at next season

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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He wants to turn Somerset park into a horrible, horrible place to play...

That should be readily achievable ;)

Caught that on the McCall interview snippet on Radio Scotland earlier (after the latest over-long Sevco panto update).

May have caught it wrong, but thought I heard that him state that he wanted to turn Somerset back into a horrible, horrible, horrible place to play football.

"Back", indeed.

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Your first signing will be John Henry. I wonder if he'll persist with 3-5-2 or if he has moved on from it. Wasn't the best of managers for us. At times the football was dire, but then, we had some dire players (some of the worst ones being the ones he brought in). I think he'll do a decent enough job at Ayr though and there is far worse out there. A p***k of a man, but a p***k I will always be thankful of. Firstly, keeping us in Division 1. I dread to think where we'd be today had we went down that year. Secondly, bringing the best player to have graced the pitch of Palmerston in decades; Stephen Dobbie. He must be a decent man manager I imagine. He completely transformed Dobbs and I can remember Willie Gibson screwing the nut as well; resulting in a move to a higher division as well.

Good guess or this man has contacts... has now been confirmed on the official site that we have appointed John Henry as assistant manager.

I wasn't overly enamoured by the appointment of our new manager when it was announced last night but the more I read the more excited I get!!

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Good luck to Ian McCall and John Henry in taking over at Ayr. Heard there's a lot of rumblings going on in the Academy and there could be changes there as well. Believe there are a couple of ex-pros recently joined the Academy as well as a few highly rated coaches put in place. Be interesting to see how that develops.

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John Henry revealed as assistant on club website. Worked alongside McCall at Partick and Owen Coyle at Bolton.

An excellent addition.

That's a strong foundation built with these two in place. Indications better times are ahead for Ayr are increased further.

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He's on Radio Scotland Sports Sound between now and 7. They're talking about Rangers so they'll stick the interview on at about 6.55pm ;)

I was going to put some snidey comments alluding to some of his issues that led him to leaving Firhill but it seems he's got his life back on track and I hope and believe he'll do a good job at Somerset Park.

If he can bring in a few decent players I can see Ayr getting clear of the relegation zone for a mid-table spot over the coming months.

Still like's a 'punt' and a jobby from time to time also still owns and wears a Partick Thistle training top with his initials on it !!

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