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St Mirren Relegation Express

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Stevie88, on 09 Mar 2015 - 14:02, said:

Again, if you weren't so bother by St. Mirren u wouldn't feel the need to post in our threads.

Each to their own I suppose.

I post on a multi-club forum to post about multiple clubs. It's quite simple.

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You've just gotta take it on the chin really, especially when you're not slow to comment on other teams, as I am. Saying that, we're not dead yet although things look grim still a lot to play for.

P&B would be nothing without the petty baiting of opposition fans now and again.

I presume you were referring to myself?

I was only asking the question, fair play we have been terrible this season. Even the most deluded fan must sense this isn't going to plan.

Very seldom do I comment on other teams threads, not saying I've never done it however.

If I were a Dundee fan I wouldn't be concerning myself with St. Mirren, they're streets ahead of us in the league and nowhere near the relegation battle.

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Full time 2-2.

On balance, score was about right. We made it 2-2 and you're thinking, go on and win it now. We were just hopeless for the rest of the game and could have lost it.

Graham Carey, what a game he had. His dead balls were causing us no end of troubles. I said when he was here his dead balls were the best in the country and I stand by that. He scored one and set up the other for County today.

That's daylight between us and the bottom 2, so not all bad I guess.

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It's P&B, it shouldn't be taken seriously.

When your team gets a result you need to enjoy it, when you lose you expect some stick. I can't be bothered trying to wind opposition fans up, normally it comes back to bite you on here anyway.

Dundee fans are entitled to lap it up, they have had a great season and some of their signings have paid off spectacularly.

It should be known though, over the last 9 years when Saints have been in a hole we have managed to dig our way out of it. It is never over till its over with us, many opposition fans have been left with egg on their face when they have started up threads like these.

This could well be our year and if it is I won't be complaining. The damage has been done entirely by ourselves ( well the board ) with the shocking appointment in the summer. Reminds me of the season when Falkirk appointed Eddie May and everyone could see it was the wrong move,Falkirk paid the price and still are, although they are on the up with a lot of exciting young players in their team.

Few twists and turns to come yet though.

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A St Mirren fan being extremely bothered about Dundee fans and saying they shouldn't be bothered. I love P&B.

Never change, Stevie.

If I had actually said that then your point would have been valid. Sadly, I didn't. I'm glad your loving your time on P&B, I'm chuffed for you bro!

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We are a better team than we were at this time last year. Not only are we are a better team, the league is a lot weaker now than it was then.

We finished 8th last year, we will not finish lower than that next season. Mark my words.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I hope relegation brings bankruptcy too.

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When else would you expect him to pay it? :huh:

Can't believe he's still got people foaming at the mouth despite our annus horribilis.

leave them to it Ffs they've went bust twice and still trying to laugh at others. If we go down we'll take it on the chin it's a game a fitbaw no the end of the world. although you'd think it is with these dundee fans
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