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12 pissed days of Christmas


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I was bored and tried working out if I could drink to the 12 Days of Christmas using Edinburgh pub names.

1. A pint in the Pear Tree (Partridge in a Pear Tree)

2. 2 in the Doocot (2 Turtle Doves)

3.3 pints in Frenchies (3 French Hens)

4. 4 in the Colinton Inn (a pun- couldn't think of anything else for 4 calling birds..)

5. 5 in the Golden Rule (5 Gold Rings)

6. 6 in the Blue Goose (6 Geese a laying)

7. 7 in Swany's Bar (7 Swans a swimming)

8. 8 on the Maid of the Forth (it's licensed. Probably doesn't sail at Christmas, but it is licensed! 8 maids a milking)

9. 9 in the Chanter (part of the pipes. so there. 9 pipers piping)

10. 10 in the Drum and Monkey (10 Drummers Drumming)

11. 11 in the White Lady (11 Ladies dancing)

and finally

12. 12 in Lord Bodo's (12 Lords a leaping)

Can you do the same thing using Glasgow pub names or come up with your own lists- I challenge you alcoholic lot to have a bash!

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I'll be making a "Christmas bowl of Smoking Bishop" this year, as referenced in what I can only assume is Charles Dickens's festive tribute to a certain Mrs Vorderman - "A Christmas Carol"

Anyway, yeah, I like to make this because of reasons. However, there's a full bottle bottle of port, a full of bottle of wine, and six oranges as part of the recipe so it fair blows your head off.

Would recommend - it's basically mulled wine but tasty.

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