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St Mirren v St Johnstone, 6/12/14

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Wotherspoon appears to play with very little confidence, which stops him from reaching the standard he is capable of on a consistent basis. He got a lift when he signed for Saints and was pretty good in the opening months of his time with us but when he has a few bad games, the head seems to drop more than most players. Hibs responded to that by dropping him, Tommy Wright tried to manage it by letting him play through it but that hasn't really worked either. The key could be simply making him believe in himself a bit more, as when he does, he can have a great end product as an attacking midfielder. His part in Stevie May's goal at Firhill last season was brilliant.

Spoony just needs to take a leaf out of o'hallorans book. 5 or 6 weeks ago everyone was saying how he was so frustrating and would never make it because he didn't have a football brain. Since the 2 goals against well it's like a switch has been flicked and he's one of the form players in the league. He's a different player now, as he's now hungry to score and much more positive in his play. It certainly looks like someone has had a word..

Don't agree with the dons fan saying spoony is championship at best, though he might of been at a wind up ! He has loads of ability but he needs to deliver on a far more consistent basis. As mentioned, he has to toughen up mentally to move on from a mistake. Wasn't there on Saturday, but the games he came on v dundee and Ross co he looked much better than earlier this season.

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That's the point though, you can have plenty of ability but if you have a wee sulk/greet when you're not making killer passes or putting it in the top corner then you are not up to it. Rarely can teams afford a passenger like that, when they can it's usually because said player is exceptional on his day. Is Wotherspoon that player? No. Would probably be better off at some championship team until he matures a bit.

Don't you think that's the norm for many of our more skillful players in scotland though, the fact that they can be match winners one week and contribute nothing the next? It is a big generalisation but they tend to not be as mentally tough when things are going against them - would class Pawlett in that mould as well. Any that do it on a regular basis tend to move away quite quickly. I think being dropped and others performing well is key so that he has to deliver or won't play.

This has happened recently and the couple of games after he came back in he looked far more determined to contribute. As you say, he has to sustain that level.

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I don't think wotherspoons development was helped much that hibs solution to a dip in form was to throw him into the reserves for weeks on end then drop him from both cup finals.

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Idiot stewards.

That was my friend who the stewards thought it was appropriate to approach on Saturday. Stupidly they under estimated the resolve of the extremely fed up saints fans ,as they were sent packing!! Can't help but think they were being told to do this from the directors. We will not be bullied by anyone in our stadium!!

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