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"I'm Going to Report You..."

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If things go well then it's all good.

If things don't go well then you're better off having as much evidence to back up your case as possible.

You seem to have a problem with that.

We've been told for years that CCTV etc is for our own protection and if we don't have anything to hide then it shouldn't be something which worries us.

If I call a government helpline, the call will be recorded for legal purposes although they'll claim it only 'might' be recorded 'for training purposes'.

If I go into a contact centre, I'll be recorded on CCTV pretty much everywhere except the toilets.

What's wrong with an individual using the same tactics?

You can call it acting like a paranoid delusional if you like. It works.

Again I ask you why you'd have a problem with it.


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