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Scoring in 7 Consecutive Games for Dundee


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David Clarkson's goal yesterday meant that he has scored in 6 consecutive league matches for Dundee. I believe that he is the first player to do this since Nacho Novo in 2003. I was wondering if anyone knew who the last player to score in 7 consecutive games for them was - I've been trying to find a Dundee history archive online but there doesn't seem to be any sign of one.

Also, is he the first player to score in each of his first 6 appearances for the club? I think Mickael Antoine-Curier scored in his first 5.

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According to the club, David Clarkson equalled the club record yesterday. Only Davie McLean managed to score in his first 6 for us in 1922/23. Source: Official Club Twitter.

ETA: It depends what you're looking for. Gilzean did score in 7 consecutive games, but not his first 7 games.

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Saw a few people on Twitter claiming that Johnny Bell scored in 9 consecutive matches in the 1920/21 season. I've checked through the newspaper archives of the time, and he definitely did score in 9 consecutive league games between 11th September 1920 and 30th October 1920. Does the "They Wore Dark Blue" book contain a list of matches for each season, and if so, does it have a cup game or some other match interrupting this run?

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No, although (rather oddly) it only gives Forfarshire Cup matches in the season-by-season listings, and Dewar Shield and friendlies in appendices at the end... However, I can find no match for Dundee in the midweek match reports on LondonHearts; in the SFHA listing of other local cups; plus there's no friendly/benefit in the Dundee Utd Centenary History; so I think the statement about Gilzean may simply have been a mistake from the author Norrie Price.

There is a competition called the Loftus Cup which seems to have a very patchy record for results being reported in the central belt press, however according to SFHA the 1920-21 competition (which was the last-ever) didn't feature Dundee.

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