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Referees & team sheets

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I have been doing reports for the past couple of seasons, they are used mainly on our own website though have been used for the local press. I'm mainly with the 1st XI Lowland League side, but the past two weeks have been at the Stirling University EoS games played at home. I have always found the referees helpful in letting me copy out the team sheets, but the past two weeks have been different, last week was quizzed as to why I wanted to see them and todays referee Gavin Thomson just refused to let me copy them didn't even ask why I wanted to. I do not see why the referee should be so unco-operative, what's the big secret? Anybody else had this problem, if so which referees involved.

Just on the subject of the referee today, so efficent started the game 5 minutes late.

Despite 3 goals and couple of bookings, no added time at end of first half.

Second half went card happy, lost count of cards shown.

Took too long when handing out bookings.

The weather was horrendous, torrential rain, kept game going even though parts of ground had deep pools of water were lying.

Tackles were flying in, some made worse by the conditions, it was looking as though there could be a serious injury but he carried on, the game was farcial at the end.

Some big decisions he got wrong, just from a Stirling view but no doubt the Strollers would probably have some justifably complaints of the referee too, second goal the player crossing the ball was offside, ok no linesman to help him out I'm willing to give him the benefit on that. A CSS player should have been red carded for an unnecessary retaliation in the first half. Second half booked a Stirling player for diving when he probably couldn't have stayed on his feet due to the conditions.

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this happened to me a few years ago when I did reports for City games for the Evening News- a P&B poster explained (can't remember which poster- sorry mucker) that there had been betting scandals in the West Juniors regarding punters getting team selections before kick off and betting on them (unlikely I know). One ref said "can't give them to you- SFA rules" and didn't explain any further when approached at a game. The strange thing is that quite a few junior clubs post the team lines on white boards before kick off now...

Fortunately most refs are OK and generally approachable. I would have thought you could have got the team lines from a Stirling Uni official and general good guy Tam Broon of Strollers if he was at the match.

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Simple way around an over-officious official - bypass them and ask the person who gave them the lines. Usually a club official. That's what I'd do every home game at Newlandsfield when on committee and still done to this day. It means being at the game early to find the right person though. I've a feeling I never had to ask a ref himself.

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As I understand it the referees have been instructed that due to data protection issues they are not allowed to hand over teamlines to anyone other than the club officials of the teams playing.

Which is fair enough as they have player addresses on them. But there's nothing to stop them dictating the names of who's 1-11 etc. Or as I said, ask a club official who could do likewise. But here's the thing - if the home club acts professional and shows initiative to do it themselves to pin up on the clubhouse wall, it removes the need for Tom, Dick or Harry from the local rag having to ask the ref him/herself.

Edit: I think up at East Craigie in Dundee I had to ask the ref but he just read them to me I think.

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There's another thread about it somewhere on P&B. As mentioned above apparently it's due to privacy concerns, as full team-lines carry information such as players addresses and dates of birth. EDIT: I suppose it could be safety, too, you don't want fans tracking-down an opposition players house after a controversial incident!!

As Cmontheloknow says, it would be good if tannoy-less clubs could pin-up a list detailing names-&-numbers.

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Do both teams not receive copies of the opposition team lines anyway? Am I missing something or could you not ask a club official rather than a ref? Especially as the OP appears to be writing the report on behalf of Stirling Uni anyway, someone from your club will have the oppo team sheet anyway.

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Its adata protection issue as a team sheet is an official document and once in the referee's possession it is deemed to be in the control of the SFA.

if a local journalist wants a copy of the team names and numbers they should always ask the club and not the referee.

Its an easy and small change and shouldn't cause any issues.

Bottm line is unless every person who is named on the team sheet has given their permission for the referee to divulge their details, if a ref lets a journalist copy a team sheet (and they normally just photograph them on their phone) then they are in breach of UK data protection rules.

There is a big problem with this in youth football with unscrupolous coaches of bigger clubs pretending to be a journalist and gaining access to names and addressses to approach players without going through the clubs. saw it happen last season in Edinburgh with a coach of one Glasgow club trying to con 2 young refs into giving him the team sheets so he could include the details in a forthcoming match programme.

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