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The Tank Top Tommy Termination Thread

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I hope tonight at the clubs AGM that Tommy has got something to say to the fans. I can see lots of questions by the fans who will demand an answer.

Wouldn't surprise me if he just walks out.

For a mature gent of such advancing years he comes across as a petulant c**t.

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I'd be stunned if he was in attendence !

Him, Goodwin and Teale are going to the fans council AGM tomorrow so I'd be surprised if Craig wasn't there tonight.

EDIT: Seems I was wrong (there's a surprise) and he isn't there. Anyone know why?

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Scratch that, he is there. And apparently " Just waved a piece of paper with names of proven goalscorers who we didn't get. Doesn't want to name them though..."

I wonder if auld Tommy got a medical before he got the job as he doesn't appear to have all his faculties in full working order.

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He was asked 'When will you fall on your sword if you know this won't be a success?'

'18 months' he answered. So he's basically happy to sit there and draw a wage, even if he knows he's doing a shite job.

What a shameless old p***k. And shame on the board for putting us in this predicament.

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