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The small intestine is the bit after the stomach. The large intestine comes after that and eventually attaches to the rectum. Its about five feet long in the normal human although gutless c***s like yourself will have either zero, or a shortened version. So I doubt Haggis Pakora will have been able to "taste" the small intestine unless he really crawled right up in there (unlikely) or if he entered via the mouth and managed to get in via the pyloric sphincter (unlikely)

I think that you should at least attempt to be anatomically correct if you are going to attempt to play the smart arse you thick ,kangaroo anus chomping, possum shagging, Australian c**t.

Kind of my point you twonk. He's crawled THAT far up inside you.

Do you really need anything explained to you?

It must be difficult to sit down with his size 8's hanging out the back of you.

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