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The Storms & Severe Weather Thread


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5 hours ago, virginton said:

Looks like it'll be rooftaps-aff soon enough. 

I'm up near Oban and it's a standard West Coast day. Wee bit of sleet at Tralee beach earlier.


Hopefully Cal-Mac will stop being shitebags and put the ferries back on tomorrow. 

Tralee beach is great. 

A wee bit breezy in Dundeh this evening.

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Chopper home today cancelled due to "potential for trigger lightning".  Good to know that 80mph winds ripping bits of metal off the rig and 10m waves below aren't too much of a hassle these days.

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I’ve 3 tiles off the roof, a shed door ripped off and a summerhouse roof that looks like its gonna lift off at anytime. To make matters worse she’s come across to cuddle in as she’s a bag of nerves. I can’t remember wind as bad as this (outside not her)

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2 hours ago, Jim McLean's Ghost said:

Reporters standing outside on the telly. Must be bad

There was perfect timing on the lunchtime news when they went to a reporter being lashed by the wind in Aberdeen, only for the live link to go down almost immediately because of the weather.

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