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The Storms & Severe Weather Thread


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2 hours ago, Jim McLean's Ghost said:

Reporters standing outside on the telly. Must be bad

There was perfect timing on the lunchtime news when they went to a reporter being lashed by the wind in Aberdeen, only for the live link to go down almost immediately because of the weather.

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Sounds like it’s really bad on the east coast whereas it’s just a bit windy over here.

Who is scared of wind, lightening, storms on here then? No judgement everyone has their own wee hates. I personally love this weather although I’ve been lucky enough for the most part as a homeowner with hardly any damage over the years, just a fence panel here or there. I remember one year just have been 2003 or 2004 where my mums back door got totally destroyed…….




No seriously though the whole fence on a fair sized garden, tress etc all over the place. That’s the only really bad one I remember.

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There was a bad storm when we lived on Arran, hundreds of trees blown over, whole forests lying on their sides kinda thing, hurricane force winds. We lived halfway up a hill overlooking Kintyre and I took the dug out for a walk - a 6 month old collie. I kid ye not, when she got to the corner of the house the wind lifted her clean off her feet/paws and if it wasn't for the lead she'd have been off. The wife spent that night awake watching the Velux window above the bed flexing in the wind, convinced it was going to shatter, pissed off at me sleeping through the whole thing. 

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Just thought I'd pop in and tip everyone off that it's a bit windy tonight. Not sure if anyone's noticed.

Plenty of objects flying horizontally past the second floor of chez Fatty, including what looked like a couple of dead crows  :mellow:

Whoa, just had an extremely brief blackout as I'm typing this. Literally a split second; not even enough for my computer to turn off, but all the alarms in the area are going off.

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