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Stirling Uni upcoming Cup Match v Albion Rovers


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I notice that Stirling Uni who play at Forthbank along side Stirling Albion their will play Albion Rovers on Sunday October 5th in the Scottish Cup.

Fancy going along to this game but was wondering what price is it to get in for this tie and if their is any catering facilities available their when Stirling Uni play, as I heard that their is none for League games.

Anybody out their can enlighten me?

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In principle you would get the away area, yes... but given Stirling Uni haven't many fans - albeit no doubt a good few would "come out of the woodwork" for a Stirling derby alongwith a few neutrals - and they don't have segregation at their games anyway, I'd fully imagine that special arrangements would apply.

Rhliston - admission is agreed by both clubs. I except it'll be more than Stirling charge (£5?), but less than you charge (£10). From previous posts on here the catering provision has varied. Given the Cup prestige and as Albion will bring a support I'd be surprised if they didn't lay-on such facilities this Sunday.

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Admission for the cup game is expected to be,

£7 Adults, £3 concessions,

As of Saturday the University hadn't had confirmation from Albion about the prices.

Programmes £2, I'm assured it will be a better issue than for league games.

Catering, Yes there will be refreshments available, I have no details as to what will be available but will at least be the basics.

Also only the West stand (Home) will be open.

Hoping for a good turn out of neutral support with the game being switched to the Sunday.

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