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Chucking out at Spider Mansion tonight 2 male house spiders, the first a smaller one ran past my bare feet as I was watching youtube earlier on. Put that one out and then as I closed the front door I spotted another larger one which I've taken pic of, sweetie is for scale. Have heard that these spiders are among the fastest spiders in the world.


I have no problem handling these spiders but they are so fast and I don't want to damage one by dropping it and they not easy to photograph with one hand.  It's also easy to lose sight of and then they turn up in a completely different part of the house. I still get twitchy feet though. Since I've turned the upstairs small bedroom into a den for the computer and other home entertainment about a month ago I've now caught five house spiders running around my bare toes.

Don't know if this has been up yet but this is an interesting documentary on the male house spider. @KnightswoodBear


Those eyes on the house spider just look like they've been place at random around the top of its head.

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