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Why did No win the referendum?


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All the no voters I know voted for fear. Many even admited that the union is broke and does not work, however a bit like the couple whos relationship is broke, the fear of change was more important than the hope of a better future apart.

Rather sad, but I guess its the Scottish way. I asked many what England has that Scotland does not, nobody could give me a good answer.

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For me, the reason No won is for a few reasons.

We have one section of No voters who may have loosely looked into the facts and decided to vote No. IMO, they didn't look into the facts deeply enough.

Then we have the shiters. Scared into a No vote by the MSM.

Finally, we have the section of No voters who made their minds up, did not engage and would not have entertained any information regardless of how good the arguement was. In this group you'll find English people (not all but a sizeable majority who, for good or ill thought they'd be betraying their homeland), the elderly and Therangers fans.

Can't help yourself ????. I know several bears who voted yes.

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The English Voters in Scotland, the over 65's and Rangers Fans!? Pathetic!

Wonder how many Scots considering a No vote enjoyed being called, Nawbags, Shitebags, Cowards, Traitors & Bigots ...etc

Not exactly an engaging approach is it?

Don't forget Quislings.

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I think the OP and some of the no voters have good points.

1) The economy is key.

2) The pro-independence campaign needs to be a broader church. Not SNP led, but perhaps through a constitutional convention type setup.

3) In addition to the above perhaps a greater emphasis on the whole political spectrum rather than just the left. Scotland is crying out for a pro independence right wing party.

4) After this 2014 trial run, we now know Westminsters tactics. We know their scare stories. We know of their likely last resort promises. We need to put the arguments out to counter lies early and fix the arguments in peoples heads.

5) Currency. In my view, Westminster has had their chance with a CU. To avoid a future currency clusterfuck, IMO we need our own. This should again be put out early so people are used to the idea. It should be based on the sound opinion of experts. It should include timetables of change, process, analysis of economic impact and actualities. We need to get the message out how strong a Scottish currency will be.

6) Europe. I think on this issue we are lucky that Catalonia are about to show us the way. Once the process of an existing member state splitting and then the variant entities remaining in the EU becomes clear, this will end the ability for an EU scare.

Of course the biggest reason that yes lost was the almost uniformly hostile main stteam media. Social media will increasingly counter this, but any pro independence campaign in the next 15 years will have to find an effective counter to media bias. It doesn't matter if all 1 to 6 above were mastered, if the message cannot get through, a pro independence campaign will flounder.

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It was the economy.

Always was the biggest weakness for Yes.

You can pin that blame firmly on the SNP. The economic argument could have been made far better. I thought the handling of the currency issue was awful - they should have had the guts to lay out plans for an iCurrency with an independent central Scottish Bank. It was almost as if they were afraid to make the case.

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Did you read the White Paper?

I've spoke to two people already (No voters) who use this line and then admit to not looking at the detailed plan that was put forward.

The business leaders who came out against independence are the same as those that said the Scottish parliament would be bad for business - complete and utter nonsense from Tories who don't want any change. Plenty of business leaders came out in favour of independence and Salmond was right to call them out.

I did.

It was pure fekking fantasy.

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To quantify my earlier post, I should say that not ALL No voters are shitebags, the elderly, theRangers fans or the misinformed. There are obviously exceptions, and I have no doubt that a large amount of No voters voted No for valid reasons.

I just can't think of any.

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