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Takeover at Somerset

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Lachlan made the correct decision regarding Shuggie Clark, disappointing as I get on really well with him and the club needs a change.

I'm just waiting for the exciting news to be announced, what it is I've no idea but I've been assured it's coming, I'd settle for Marko getting pumped at the moment.

That's a bit extreme.

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Yeah, sorry. I wasn't being serious. TBF, it is the sort of thing raging Wullieh from the HP would do....

Aye fair enough, consider me well and truly whooshed. Our support is so reactionary that something like that being mooted by a few of the worst culprits as a serious suggestion is, to me at least, genuinely believable.

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Key sections from that report, as I read it:

Speaking from America Ayr chairman Lachlan Cameron confirmed discussions with Brian Gilmour, but was reluctant to comment further saying: 'I have spoken to Brian, but there is really nothing to report on it. There is nothing to talk about.'
Gilmour - the managing director of social housing lenders Carduus
a development of 320 private and affordable homes

Not to mention that this is another guy who's gone running to the press in advance of a deal being done. Can't say I'm hugely excited.

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