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Dundee vs Dundee Utd - 21/09/14

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Wish united played their youth keeper today. A bag of fucking tatties if ever I saw one.

Their first choice isn't much better, regularly handed us a goal in our "derbies" last season

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Idiotic from Konrad. Maybe a player more experienced in the ways of Scottish football would have known to continually show GMS wider and wider and not give him any chance to go down. A blatant push out of Konrad's arm, and even if there's not much contact he made the ref call it.

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Utd are only still ahead through cheating and dirty play. How many fouls is that now?

Dundee need to go 4-4-2. Change Harkins, who's been poor, for Wighton.

McAllister, apart from being tackled which led to the penalty, has been good. As has Ferry, McGowan (hasn't given a ball away) and Stewart...who's done his best in the midst of fouling.

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There is no debate about the penalty, it was definitely a foul. Dundee have probably been the better with the ball but haven't really managed to cut United open yet. We have been poor in the final third, Erskine and GMS have been dangerous but Bilate and Dow haven't really worked. Need to take a step back with the fouls as we will end up losing a player or a goal through a stupid foul.

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