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13 hours ago, RossBFaeDundee said:

I see there was one at the Apex last night

...oh, and a shirt.


That's got to be a Dee at the wind up, surely?

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Sad day losing Gowser. Always had a suspicion this was coming and didn't really believe Bowyer when he kept saying he was closer and closer to being fit. 

Legend is thrown about too often nowadays, but he really is a club legend. Our next challenge is finding someone who has given as much as Gowser has over the past years.

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I know his contract is up at the end of the season (as well as nearly every other players is) but going by the statement it doesn't sound like he'll get a new deal. Thought we could have done with him for the remainder of the season too. Shame. 

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5 minutes ago, Boo Khaki said:

That's just ... odd.

I was beginning to think his long term absence from match day squads really wasn't about fitness at all. Now I'm convinced.

100% this. Come the end of last year it was fairly obvious to me as to why he was left out the squad.

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9 minutes ago, The Derry said:

Be shite if we don't get to say bye and love you to the madman. 

Defo this. He and we deserve this. Can’t really completely disagree with the decision as his minutes would be limited but a sad day. 

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