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Well this is utterly depressing. As I said earlier I can only assume Bowyer is having nae luck convincing players from down South to make the move up. Disappointing if that is the case that we are solely relying on the familiarity of the market down South and not sniffing around players up here. 

It's clear to see that we need to strengthen, Bowyer has admitted that and it will be massively concerning going into the rest of the year and January transfer window without getting more faces in. 

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Can't even get a loan from Bowyer's preferred market either.

Safe to say he's been let down, big time.

He's meant to have wanted as many as 4 this week.

Nelms has absolutely fucked it yet again. I'd maybe give him a bit of a break but after his actions in the January window, it's time he's held accountable IMO.

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