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15 minutes ago, Juantwothree said:

It's the ones that arent that will feel aggrieved because hes playing his mates

McIntyre, McCann, Hartley and every manager ever is guilty of that one. The good ones realise you lose games when you do that though.

I wouldn't be opposed to the return of Hartley. Wouldn't be opposed to 90% of the usual suspects at this point either.

Miss Hazard and his inability to kick outfield already. The Hibs reject is welcome to go home and Forster can just plain f**k off.

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Hes 100% lost it in my opinion and its because some of the players are ex team mates. It's the ones that arent that will feel aggrieved because hes playing his mates

Nah, it’s just a lazy argument when a team is performing shite that “the managers lost the dressing room”. It’s actually something that very rarely happens in football but we see fans saying it all the time. He’s just not a very good manager but I have no doubt that the players are trying for him.
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1 minute ago, Ludo*1 said:

Not gonna lie, I'd happily wheel Jocky in off the golf course. Expect pelters for that but mon the Jocky.

Mate, Eh'm only sayin it half in jest masel. He couldna really dae much worse than the shite we've seen fae mcpake, mccann, and the last 2 seasons of Hartley... 


f**k it! How no? 

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Ive just watched McPakes interview on DeeTV.

Very little eye contact with the interviewer, or looking into the camera, his eyes and face were all over the place, he was squirming badly, and looked incredibly uneasy. Had the look of a bairn that had just received a bollicking from his dad, and was bubbling a minute ago.

His points were pathetic, I don't think he understands that he is the manager, and therefor responsible for the issues, He says teams are happy to let us pass the ball about in defence, then hit us on the counter, absolutely no shit Sherlock, fans have been saying that since day one. Says we started well for ten minutes and created chances, then dropped back, again, no shit, fans said that online, and at the game. He just doesn't have it sadly.

A Dick Campbell team, a December game with the conditions that this entails, and a game at Gayfield, god help us next week.

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