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The Arbroath Thread

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25 minutes ago, Lichteeeeee said:


Imagine the grief id have got if i was wrong on this

To be fair i made some wild claims at the start of the season

1. We were signing all Noubles mates ( all have been shoved out the door ) Uncle Dick confirmed this in the paper too, and the club had to get a recruitment team involved as the dross that was brought in was clearly not up to standard.

2. There were problems behind the scenes ( think we all know thats true now )

3. Multiple under contract players would ask to be released.

4. DC needs to stop hoofing the ball up top, it doesn't work. ( the league table doesn't lie )

Imagine for one second i was off with any of those claims, some people would say i was insane/full of it/ a troll 

Lichteeeeeeeee knows




What players were Nouble's mates?

what problems were there behind the scenes?

what players asked to be released?

what did you think of the two goals we scored on saturday?

certainly didn't look like hoofball to me. We have played with a direct style for the past 6/7 seasons so it was unlikely to change this season, I think with the players we have now, we can vary our play between playing a bit more and going direct when we have to.

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5 minutes ago, timlichtie said:

Does that mean we’ll be in the main stand again? Not appealing.

I’d hope not but going by comments Iv seen on social media there won’t be many Lichties travelling after the shitshow last time. If it is indeed a small crowd I’d imagine the main stand is exactly where we will be 

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Last hamilton away game was my boys first away day and I left early because I genuinely feared for their safety due to the utterly embarrassing and aggressive behaviour of their supporters. Certainly wont be back if we’re all in the same stand.

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Paul started his career with Akwa United FC in his native country of Nigeria, but moved to Kapfenberger SV in Austria and most recently has been playing for FC Qizilqum Zarafshon in the Uzbekistan Super League.


- excellent news for scrabble fans.


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Feel this could be the day you overtake us. We're still signing, defensively look vulnerable and have no consistency in formation or selection. Will take time for us to be a team rather than 11 lads thrown on the pitch in hope.

Can't make our game at Thistle today so instead I'll be at Gayfield to watch you play Rovers 

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I have nothing but praise for the signings this window. Another young, powerful striker into the squad can only be positive.

With a free Saturday next week I wonder if Dick is trying to sign enough players for a full 11 aside selection game?

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The January transfer window has been very impressive.

We now have a full squad which we can rotate to cover for injuries, suspensions, loss of form and competition for the starting 11 - this is as good as we could have hoped for.

The long term quality players we have at the club have now been assisted with these new signings and things should click into place soon.

Scott Allan returning will also bolster the mid-field options and help provide quality service for the strikers.

This has been a very good January window - the battle to stay in the Championship is now underway.

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Right, I’ll get in first.

Can someone, anyone please show me how we’ve meaningfully improved since the start of the season?

Use stats if you like.

This is pretty much exactly how it’s gone all season with a few more goals being the only real difference.

Good win/result followed by garbage.

One other thing I’ll add is - the support has been unbelievable all season, over 2k again today. We deserve so much more than this for fucks sake. 

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