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The Arbroath Thread

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How about we see what he can do before we all decide he's terrible eh?  If he can provide us an outball, then he'll be an improvement over Hilson, Donnelly, and playing midfielders there!


Normally we at least give players a game or two before we decide we despise them.  What has become of us as a fanbase?

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Just now, lichtie23 said:

My grandad is my hero mate. Not a football player 

Yeah, we’ll what makes me obsessed with Donnelly? Because I’ve stated a few times that I would have loved him to have been more prolific? Isn’t that a given that we all want a striker that can, you know, actually put the ball in the fecking net?!?

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Oakley = I think he will be a good signing. Been in and around the first team at a high level, played first team football for Birmingham. Seems well rated

Isiaka = hmmmmmmmmmm. Not convinced and another complete punt. Played at a really poor level and I have a feeling this will be a total waste of time. Suppose he just takes LD place 

Tait = good signing. Tidy busy midfield player

Still no real striker. I think we are really hoping to get Inness Cameron in after Killie signed Doidge but he obviously scored for Killie the other night.

Bittersweet evening, 2 signings who I think will probably be really good players but we have only signed 1 striker and he really does seem like a total punt. On trial at Raith who are desperate for a striker too and they never took a chance on him. 

We have some cracking players everywhere else mind you but massively lacking uptop

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30 minutes ago, SteveTheLichtie said:

Only benefit would be not playing against us. 

Not necessarily,  when we loaned Lewis Vaughan to Dumbarton he couldn't play against us but his goals for them effectively got us eventually relegated. 

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3 hours ago, lichtie23 said:

Interesting to see where Tait plays. I’m sure he was Centre mid when at Raith 

More AM than CM, but capable of tracking back well.

3 hours ago, RRFC_Liam said:

Aye he can play as a 10 or a box to box midfielder 

That is indeed where he excelled with us, but he’s been seen little playing time recently due to a combination of injures and (apparently) being out of the new managers graces. Might take a bit of time to regain his form, but should (unfortunately) be a valuable addition if your middle is a bit weak.

We would have loved him back IF we weren’t already pretty obese at mid.

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