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17 minutes ago, Merkland Red said:

I presumed you were praising him when you said this:


It's obvious for everyone to see you've formed this opinion because he's an ex Celtic title winning manager. You wouldn't be making the same comment if it was Charlie Adam, Neil McCann etc

Not true,Strachan giving young chic it tight and Broadfoot sticking the nail in was funny.
Saying Strachan is marmite and saying we had to suffer him as a manager isn't singing his praises.
I didn't enjoy watching Strachan's team at Celtic even thou he got the best out of the players that were there at the time.
Yes hes a ex-Celtic manager but hes away down the list.

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Thinking about it again, Strachan's comments of clubs 'should be more professional' gives off very 'Celtic players just want it more'  wastecoatwilly vibes.

As if clubs like Brechin and Albion Rovers just don't fancy being in the Premiership as much as the 12 clubs that are in it.

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2 hours ago, wastecoatwilly said:

Strachan is marmite just like the hypocrisy on this thread page after page of slagging off the guys on the show and when Strachan does it he gets it.
Young chic has never been sensible and should've retired years ago like Strachan said.
You lot had him as a player we had to suffer him as a manager,he gave us great nights against AC Milan and Man Utd plus the national team didn't lose for a year.
When he said dae somfing for me he has.

Strachan being a fantastic player for us, and pivotal in our eighties domination, does not stop me from saying that everything that he said on the podcast yesterday was utter bollocks. Chic gave him the runaround. 

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1 hour ago, wastecoatwilly said:

Yes he had more respect for Strachan than Strachan had for him, he didn't have the bottle to bite back I think rinsed is the word your looking for.

You really do live in your own world and just outright make things up. 

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"One of the biggest travesties in history."

Ann Budge there on Hearts' relegation. I'll give her the benefit of doubt and assume she meant 'in Scottish football'.

Also she's claiming that she would care if it was another team in Hearts' position (she did acknowledge that she wouldn't be making as much fuss though).

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