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They read a seething mess of a tweet/text last night from a *** describing other teams as diddies. Then Hugh Dallas went on about smaller clubs. Is there any other broadcaster that would run down the game like this lot?

dallas also said that the standard of refereeing suffered because there was no challenge to Celtic.i can't see how if a ref has a howler in a Hamilton v Partick game he would do better if sevco were in the league.

This compares to that idiot Collins blaming other teams when Celtic are shit in Europe.

I hope we never find out if sevco in the top flight solves every problem with Scottish fitba.

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Apparently broadcasters have to apologise if the mics pick up the odd sweary word from the stands or pitch. Tens of thousands of bigots singing their songs of bigotry is no problem though. Just don't say bugger.

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Tom English saying SPL... Thought he was better than that.

He kind of stumbled through it, knew he was saying it wrong but just thought "sod it" and carried on.

I thought Joe Miller was a blithering idiot who added nothing to the show. All over the shop with his opinions on Stokes.

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