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Rab B Nesbit

2/8/14 … Dalbeattie Star v Whitehill Welfare 3pm

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Unfortunately only limited figures are available, although that said it's good that any are available. Only a handful of big Junior clubs seem to issue crowds and it's become almost unknown in the Highland League. From data I collected from official sources (club programmes or club websites), the following can be said for last season:

Gretna 2008

- overall average 122, league average 143

- overall highest & league highest 189 (Threave)

*omits concluding league game v Preston

Edinburgh City

- overall average 84, league average 76

- overall highest 252 (Fraserburgh, Scottish Cup)

- league highest 160 (Spartans), league lowest 40 (Stirling)

*omits concluding league games v Selkirk and Vale of Leithen

Threave Rovers

(note these figures exclude their home league derby v Dalbeattie which was the last game of the season)

- overall average 151, league average 143 [but probably higher post-derby]

- overall highest 258 (Spartans, Challenge Cup)

- league highest 180 (Gretna) [but probably higher post-derby as they got 200 v Dalbeattie in LL Cup], league lowest 100 (Selkirk)

Whitehill Welfare

- overall average 111, league average 125

- overall highest 512 (Stirling Albion, Scottish Cup R2)

- league highest 165 (Gala), league lowest 75 (Selkirk)

*omits concluding King Cup ties v Stirling Uni and Gretna

Those are, City aside, pretty reasonable.

Something in the low-to-mid 100s is in my eyes healthy for this level. Crowds are definetely something some of the smaller clubs could work on, but it's challenging. And obviously the University teams are somewhat 'special' circumstances.

Colloquially, I've heard it said that most clubs were up last season. Gala are said to have the highest crowds in the league, I've even heard suggestions they may average over the 200 mark or not far off it. Spartans and East Kilbride are said to be somewhere in the 100s range. Stirling Uni, Vale, Selkirk, Dalbeattie (less certain) will I understand all be in 2 figures. It's a lot of guesswork and trying to choose between individual people's over or under estimation, though.

Thanks, this helps alot

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