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Serie A 2014/2015


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Finished 3-1 with Cassano getting a consolation. Woeful stuff.

Sampdoria v Roma live on BT in about half an hour, should be a cracker.

Nope, it was shite. Roma will probably be pleased with the point though considering what happened to them in midweek. Neither side really created anything, it was all a bit scrappy.

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Napoli 6-2 Verona. Pleasing.

Pleasing indeed although Napoli are c***s too.

Was at the Chievo vs Genoa match today and although they somehow through it away there was an unbelievable difference in the way they played today and the way they were playing under Corini. The turgid, defensive style is thankfully dead, they went out today with the intention of playing football and winning the match.

The first half performance was actually very impressive but I think a huge part of the reason Genoa were able to get back into the game was that Maran's substitutions were a bit off. I'm not sure why Pellissier came on, other than to appease the fans who still think he's the player he was 5-10 years ago. Maybe he still has to get to know the players better.

Still, if they play like that they will win a few games, especially against the smaller teams.

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I saw today that Parma have no less than 87 players on loan at other clubs, including our very own Ross County.

At least they have cut it from the 130 or something that had out last year

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Parma 2-0 Inter with 15 minutes or so left. :D Bit fortunate with both goals, the second especially but not complaining. Can't say it's been a great performance, although the defence has looked relatively solid throughout, but Inter have been hopeless going forward which has helped.

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2-0 is how it finished - a great result. Not only 3 points, but a clean sheet, too! Donadoni safe for another week then. Whilst it would be harsh to sack him after what he done last season; another defeat tonight would have left them with a W1 L9 record which is indefensible. Hopefully this is a turning point though and Parma can start to climb the table.

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Milan v Palermo. Live Summary.

1 min - Sparse. San Siro looks like Celtic Park on a League Cup night.

2 mins - Few minutes in and Palermo just breezed through the Milan defence like it wasn't there. Vazquez should have scored but good save from Lopez.

8 mins - Palermo coach really needs to lose that baseball cap! Looks like a chuntering fud.

10 mins - Palermo well on top, unclear at this stage why Milan have selected 11 breezeblocks in their starting line up.

12 mins - Milan should have scored. Palermo defending the 18 yard line and are cut open. Think it was Menez that missed. Someone with a daft haircut anyway.

15 mins - Palermo boy goes in the book for doing a pure mad Chris Smalling down in the corner. Torres goes close with a glancing header.

18 mins - Milan have woken up and are getting joy done the left wing. Morganella, who seems to be wearing a beard of bees gets a yellow. No surprise that de Jong has also been booked.

22 mins - Daisy cutter from Menez. Close. Straight away Lazaar, best player on the field so far, forces a save at the other end.

23 mins - GOOOOOOOOOOLLLAAAZOOOOOO. Palermo take the lead, header from the corner. Replay shows it was an OG.

24 mins - Palermo cut Milan open again and Lopez saves the red and blacks again. Could be 3-0 to Palermo by now if it wasn't for the keeper.

25 mins - GOOOOOOOOOOLLAAALATZZOOOOO. Milan's defence is absolutely hopeless! Palermo breaching it at will. Dybala throws Alex off like a wet towel and smashes it into the top right corner. Nice finish.

28 mins - Go for a piss. Can't hold on any longer.

31 mins - Wild shot from Menez. Flies off like a paper airplane on a gusty day.

37 mins - Milan stand off Maresca and he fires one in. Deflection, corner.

38 mins - Another good save from Lopez. This would have been a humping without Spanish keeper. Another chance, Munoz heads wide when he shoud have scored.

41 mins - San Siro erupts as referee ignores blatant pass back to Palermo keeper. John Beatonesque.

43 mins - De Siglio puts it out the stadium from about 10 yards from goal. Deary me. Milan have been shocking.

45 mins - Free kick in a dangerous position for Milan. Another booking for Palermo. Chance to get back in the game?

45 mins - Naw. Hopeless free kick from the Ginger Jap. Doesn't clear waistband height, more a danger to Palermo nads than the scoreline.

Half time - Hot woman in little black dress discusses match with specky p***k, curly haired milf gives Bwin odds, mental Italian adverts.

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Milan v Palermo. Live Summary 2nd half.

46 mins - Rocky theme played. Makes me think Milan can get something out this despite being utterly appalling first half.

46 mins - Shaarawy comes on for Poli.

47 mins - Palermo by far the better team but they don't half give away a lot of fouls. Odds on to end up with 10 men.

50 mins - Milanese ladies in the crowd look sad.

51 mins - Shaarawy gets booked for playing Dead Man's Fall in the box.

53 mins - Dece 20 yard effort from Shaarawy, keeper gathers it up. Bit of curve on that one.

56 mins - Torres looks at the grass and thinks about the old days when he was a footballer.

57 mins - Milan players literally tripping over the ball. Think it was Saponara that took a header into the grass.

62 mins - Palermo defending in depth now, will it come back to boot them in the balls? Milan are hopeless at the back! They are there for the taking!

67 mins - SUBZ. Pazzini on for Honda who's had very little impact. N'Goyi on for Maresca who I thought was having a great game.

68 mins - Morganella giving me the fear, on a booking and keeps giving away fouls.

72 mins - Game has died a bit. Palermo happy to let a feckless Milan play in front of their massed defence.

74 mins - Saponara is fucking honking, like Motherwell bad! Plays a pin point cross into the high undangerous area half way between the corner flag and the goal and out for a bye kick.

77 mins - Morganella! He wears a beard of bees! Morganella! He'll kick you in the knees! That's what I'd be singing.

80 mins - De Jong's rotten free kick straight at the keeper makes a small boy in the crowd cry. His father comforts him "Don't worry son, Inter are shite too."

84 mins - Rare attack for Palermo. They sting Lopez's hands just to keep him awake. Belotti on for Palermo.

87 mins - Palermo player flops over and gets foul. Rami takes a maddie and throws the ball at the ground. Milan have been shite but the officials certainly haven't been homers.

90 mins - Coach Inzaghi looks like he's about to be taken away and shoot. Milan have been dire. Curva Sud won't be happy!

FULL TIME : Milan 0 Palermo 2. First half Palermo gave Milan a bully ramming. Second half they were happy just to watch Milan being completely inept.

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Finally a win, with Pellissier of all people scoring both goals! Absolutely huge result for the confidence of the players especially going into the international break, hopefully they'll be raring to go against Udinese in two weeks time. Now off the bottom of the table given how the other results went.

Did anyone watch Juventus-Parma? I can't comprehend how they're so shit now.

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Did anyone watch Juventus-Parma? I can't comprehend how they're so shit now.

I watched the first half and recorded the second as I was heading out - I'm not going to bother watching it now. To be fair Parma were doing okay up until the first goal where they just collapsed, some utterly stinking defending yet again. Paletta is still out for 2/3 months as far as I know so it's not going to get any better any time soon.

Donadoni appeared to save his job with the win over Inter so it'll be interesting to see what happens now after that today. Hernan Crespo was being mentioned as possibly being promoted to replace him a couple of weeks ago, which sounds fantastic IMO.

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Roma gave Torino a harsh lesson in finishing. Torino started really well and looked dangerous but Roma banged in their first two real chances and after that the challenge faded.

All good finishes but Ljajic's was a cracker.

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