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Europa League 2014/15


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racist and anti Semitic chants.

I thought it was because of the missile throwing. I very much doubt there were racist chants ( I certainly did not hear them). Despite their vile behavior, that is one direction they do not usually go. It now appears that the banana actually was some kind of sponsorship action attribute, and was nog intended as a racist remark. Unlucky association.

Quite a few teams on the continent sing it as far as I'm aware. Dortmund being another.

It is a general sung-by-all football song on the continent. Feyenoord, Dortmund, and dozens of others on occasions.

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Forza Viola 8) Great to see Mario Gomez getting another goal. Starting to find his form again. Drawing Roma in the next round is a pain though. That's now 6 times the clubs have played this season.

All five teams from Italy qualifying is a great achievement. It might only be the Europa League but it's still a tough competition.

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The packed* terraces of Borough Briggs used to ring to this in the early to mid 1980s.

*six folk.

As did Hibs in the 90s and it was even sung during the 6-2 game.

Ahead of the game 8)


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The number of roasters actively trying to admit singing YNWA is truly bizarre. A cringeworthy song best kept for the victim clubs.

Most clubs grew out if it, including Morton by the 70s.

As you state only grieved clubs still persist.

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