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Fantasy Football 2016

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On 28/08/2019 at 23:19, Paul Marnie said:

Ok, the draw for the race has been done and can be viewed below:


If you CBA watching the video for the suspense and wanna know which driver you're cheering on this weekend...

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  1. PieOfTheMonth - Stroll
  2. DarkBlue62 - Vettel
  3. FifeSaint - Kubica
  4. SilvioDante - Leclerc
  5. JamboStu - Hulkenberg
  6. SuperA - Gasly
  7. The_Steelmen - Albon
  8. PaulMarnie - Verstappen
  9. PandBSpain - Magnussen
  10. KevGallagher - Grosjean
  11. JStrummer86 - Sainz
  12. Jagfox - Giovinazzi
  13. Liam86 - Riccardo
  14. Same_ol_g35 - Norris

Pleasing that Hamilton didn't make the 14, should make it more interesting!

Good luck to all; I will be on a flight for the duration of the race, so look forward to landing to the news my guy has spun out lap 1.

We'll be going by the official standings come the end of the race, and should there be gaps (e.g. Hamilton wins, the next driver up will take the spot and so on)

I will post the draft order based on the race results on Sunday evening.

First pick for me then!

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Ok, I've sobered up enough after yesterday's game to finally type this out. After the Grand Prix, the daft order is as follows:

  1. Silvio
  2. DarkBlue62
  3. The_Steelmen
  4. JamboStu
  5. SuperA
  6. PieOfTheMonth
  7. Same_Ol_G35
  8. Spain
  9. KevGallagher
  10. Liam86
  11. FifeSaint
  12. Jagfox
  13. JStrummer86
  14. PaulMarnie

1:30 timer on each pick, if you' can't make it/are gonna be late...please try and set an order

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33 minutes ago, Fife Saint said:

Happy with your teams?

Already panicking, major fears for the fitness of my big guys

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Bigger! Just realised I've missed the draft. First one I missed this season. Let's see if that's a good or a bad thing. 

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On 03/09/2019 at 09:10, Spain said:

Will trade for receivers ...



I've got a top 10 WR who will fit the bill...


pittsburgh steelers running into a wall GIF


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